Monday, October 22, 2012

The Quick Run Up

Recently I've been needing some additional photos from up on Pikes Peak for a painting I'm working on. (It's a secret) So I ran up the Peak late in the afternoon. Late partially because that was when I could get away and also because I needed photos with the late afternoon shadows. I'd tried going up the day before but the winter hours for the Highway closes at 3pm. So I came back the next day and arrived just before 3. You have to be off the mountain by 5pm so two hours isn't much time to get to the top and back. The ride up was pretty good although when your on a bike you catch up to people pretty quickly. I got held up by some guy in an SUV. He kept a pretty good pace so it wasn't too bad. Finally just after Glen Cove he pulled over and let me by. Rather than go all the way up I stopped at 16 mile to get the pictures I needed. While I was at it I snapped a picture of the 748s sitting on the small run off on the out side of the corner.

Behind the bike is the corner where Jeremy Foley crashed his Evo this year. Behind that is 6000' down to Colorado Springs. Behind that is Kansas.

The ride down was epic. I had almost no traffic or patrol. If you've never been on the Pikes Peak Highway it really should be on your bucket list. From the bottom to Glen Cove there are almost no straightaways. One lovely curve after another. Yum!